Maximum Progress. Maximum Results.

The Maximizer™

The following measures are how we confirm a successful engagement:

  • Increased efficiency in the clinical and administrative functions leading to an increase in productivity and hourly revenue.
  • Productions and collection goals are met or exceeded during the term of our engagement.
  • An overall reduction of stress for you and the entire team.
  • Practice becomes fully systematized so that ideal service is delivered from the point of entry (telephone) through to the end result.
  • Patient experience improves measurably increasing referrals from other patients.
  • Performance obstacles are readily identified, communicated and handled.

Program Format

  1. Practice Analysis. This process is designed to assess your specific practice needs and create a plan that will lead to increased success and profitability. This in-depth evaluation is the first step in implementing real, positive change in your practice. Million Dollar PPO will identify what is working well, what is not, and what needs fine-tuning. Our focus is on exploring potential by discovering the strengths and weaknesses of your entire practice. We will observe you and your team in a “business as usual” environment, using information provided by you in a pre-visit questionnaire to gather relevant knowledge and insight. We will will also interview each team member privately to gain their perspective.

  2. Million Dollar Blueprint™ The is our entire curriculum which is your blueprint for success. Each team member will receive their own Blueprint™. You will also receive our Resource book/CD that includes all of our forms and letters in both print and electronic versions.

  3. Bi-Monthly On-Site Implementation Workshops. The purpose of these meetings is to customize our systems based on the culture, personalities, and uniqueness of your practice. The meetings will also include role-playing of such things as phone skills, case presentations, closing of cases, handling objections, etc. Your coach comes to your office every other month to work with you and your team. These meetings are a vital component in ensuring the implementation and success of the program and as such, there are no patients scheduled on these days. We will ensure there is total team involvement in the on-site training workshops and that there is commitment on your staff’s part to make positive change.

  4. Monthly Accountability Calls. There will be scheduled coaching calls each month with your practice. We will determine who will be on the calls but typically it is the “point person” for the practice and the doctor. The purpose of these calls is to make sure that action plans are being completed, agreements are being kept and to handle other issues.

  5. Workshops at MDPPO. You will have unlimited access to regularly scheduled workshops at our headquarters in Franklin Lakes, NJ. MDPPO is adjacent to Dr. Krieger’s dental practice. The workshops focus on increasing revenue through clinical efficiency, same day dentistry (restorative and perio), increased case acceptance, etc. Dr. Krieger generally delivers these workshops personally.

  6. Monitoring of Statistics. We will provide you with a spreadsheet that will be completed and emailed to us daily for review. The purpose of this monitoring is to make sure that your numbers are moving in the appropriate direction and to course correct if need be.

  7. CEO Coaching Calls. Scheduled calls for the practice owner(s) with Dr. Krieger to develop customized strategies. There will be an introduction call before the program begins and then calls scheduled each quarter. Topics often include leadership, expansion strategies, and clinical issues.

Goals / Benefits

Tangible: For most practices, the initial goal that is established is to increase hourly revenue by $100. A typical practice has 1,500 clinical hours per doctor. This increase equates to $150,000 (at approximately 20% overhead in most cases). Last year, our average client increased by $160 per hour resulting in a $240,398 increase per doctor.

Intangible: Everyone in the practice will experience less stress, more fun, more predictability and security. You can have a team that is excited about coming to work because they know exactly what they need to do to succeed and they have a leader(s) that supports and trusts them.


The only additional investment on your part are the travel costs associated with the on-site workshops (coach airfare, hotel, and rental car). We make every effort to keep these costs as low as possible.