Designed exclusively for Start-Up Practices


Length of Program: Six Months

Million Dollar Blueprint™ The Blueprint includes our entire curriculum which is your blueprint for success. You will also receive our Resource book/CD that includes all of our forms and letters in both print and electronic versions.

Four On-Site Implementation Workshops. The purpose of these meetings is to customize our systems based on the culture, personalities, and uniqueness of your practice. The meetings will also include role-playing of such things as phone skills, case presentations, closing of cases, handling objections, etc. These meetings are a vital component in ensuring the implementation and success of the program and as such, there are no patients scheduled on these days. As a startup practice, three of these sessions will occur just before your practice opens on three consecutive days. The fourth session will occur sixty to ninety days thereafter.

Monthly Accountability Calls. There will be two scheduled accountability calls each month with your practice. We will determine who will be on the calls but typically it is the “point person” for the practice and the doctor. The purpose of these calls is to make sure that agreements are being kept and to handle other issues.

CEO Calls with Dr. Krieger. There will be one scheduled coaching call for the doctor with Dr. Krieger each month. 

Monitoring of Statistics. We will provide you with a spreadsheet that will be completed and emailed to us for review. The purpose of this monitoring is to make sure that your numbers are moving in the appropriate direction and to course correct if need be.

Ongoing Support and Coaching. You will have unlimited access to coaching and support via phone or email.

Insurance Management Services through Unitas Dental

  • Develop an office strategy.
  • Insurance Fee Schedule Negotiation.
  • Credentialing Service
  • Optimization Services (to ensure maximum revenue for patients that may be seen under various insurance plans.)

The is our entire curriculum which is your blueprint for success. Each team member will receive their own Blueprint. You will also receive our Resource book/CD that includes all of our forms and letters in both print and electronic versions.Million Dollar Blueprint™