Designed exclusively for Start-Up Practices

The Drake Personality Assessment

The Drake Personality Assessment is a powerful web-based tool that can accurately predict an individual’s work performance. With your practice’s success in mind, the assessment aims to assist you to recruit and interview potential candidates, as well as communicate with and re-assess current employees in order to increase employee retention and keep your team strong and efficient.

With the Drake Personality Assessment, you’ll be receiving an easy-to-understand report that details how well an individual is meeting your requirements, as well as how likely they are to become a top performer on your team. When applicable, the report will also detail specific behavior based interview questions that assist in taking a deeper look at an individual to determine if they are a good fit for a role or are meeting expectations that you had set for them.

This assessment will evaluate multiple aspects of the candidate in question, including:

  • Personality Attributes
  • Character Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Adaptability
  • Flexibility
  • Performance Under Stress
  • Relevant Limitations
  • Energy Level

Examining these qualities will determine whether the individual in question can be considered a high- or low-achiever. The results are meant to reveal deep-rooted talents or issues that could make or break their success as a member of your team.

With the Drake Personality Assessment, you no longer need to worry whether your team is as strong as it possibly could be. Instead, you can be confident your team is full of top performing individuals and built for continued success.