Million Dollar Blueprint™

The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Efficiency and Profitability

Systems and Topics Covered in the Blueprint:


  • Creating a Practice Vision and Goals
  • Team Meetings – which ones, how often, and how to have them be effective (the Morning Huddle and others)
  • Job Descriptions (Not just cross-training… cross-doing!)
  • Establishing a Universal Standard of Care (perio and restorative)
  • The New Patient Experience
    • Initial Phone Call / Telephone Skills
    • Three types of New Patients and how to schedule them
    • Insurance Verification Process
    • Greeting the New Patient
    • Office Tours
    • Paperwork
      • Appreciated Patient Letter, HIPPA, Smile Evaluation
    • Data Collection (perio charting, intraoral photographs, radiographs, etc.)
    • The Examination
    • Case Presentation
    • Financial Arrangements / Closing
  • Insurance Management
    • Insurance Submission
      • Coding
      • Documentation (intra-oral photographs, radiographs, narratives, etc.)
      • Effectively dealing with denials
  • Hygiene & Recare System
    • Establishing a Soft Tissue Management Program
    • Recare System
  • Reactivation
  • Chart Audit
  • Same Day Dentistry
  • Dealing with Objections
  • Internal Marketing
    • Proactive Referral System
    • Charity Events
    • Open Houses
    • Quarterly Promotional Offers
    • In-House Dental Benefits Program

About the Author:

Dr. Matthew Krieger graduated from New Jersey Dental School in 1998. He started his practice in 2003 from scratch and built it to a full time practice in just one year. Despite one of our country’s most significant recessions, Dr. Krieger has collected more than one million dollars as a solo dentist, in 3.5 days per week (26 clinical hours), 45 weeks per year, in each of the last five years, with 30% growth. In 2012 he collected over $1,300,000. He has maintained an overhead of 57%, and has done all of this while participating with PPO Insurance plans. He is the founder and CEO of Million Dollar PPO, a dental practice management coaching and consulting firm. He lectures on practice management, CAD/CAM dentistry, and is a highly effective clinical/efficiency coach. He is an active member of the ADA, AGD, AACD, ACE, and the Crown Council and earned over 600 hours in continuing education in all aspects of clinical dentistry and practice management.