Year-End Tips On Maximizing Your Productivity

As 2014 rapidly approaches, I have several suggestions to help you maximize your productivity and deal with the stress of the holiday season. Try these and see if they don’t make a tremendous difference in your life: End-of-year insurance letters.Run an outstanding treatment report for the last six months. Review the report to make sure that […]

Year End Planning; A Year-’Round Issue

One of the most important elements of efficiency is preparedness. Million Dollar PPO Coaching and Consulting focuses on “profitability through efficiency.” In order for an office to achieve maximum efficiency, an organized system for communication and planning must be established. One of the ways in which we help offices to communicate more effectively is through […]

The Million Dollar PPO presents: Using Digital Technology to Improve Cash Flow

Critical to the success of any practice is the effective management of its cash flow. For all practices, those that are insurance free, or those that accept insurance, keeping your accounts receivable (A/R) low is a fundamental part of running a profitable business. In most restorative practices, a significant portion of the overhead for each […]

The Factors That Lead To Optimal Teamwork

At Million Dollar PPO Coaching and Consulting, we focus on five factors that affect efficiency: clinical skills, systems, technology, marketing – and teamwork. While all five are important in creating a productive and profitable practice, teamwork is always an area that we dedicate much time and effort in improving. That’s because, in order for optimal […]

Saving Lives, Promoting Total Health & Creating A New Profit Center

With changes in healthcare delivery and access in the United States, dentistry is moving towards a more comprehensive total health model. A shift from focusing on oral health alone to the combination of oral and systemic wellness has occurred. Dentists are now, more than ever, on the front lines of the healthcare delivery system, and […]

Increasing Case Acceptance Through The Total Health Approach

The Total Health approach to the practice of dentistry has gained significant momentum over the last few years as we focus on prevention and wellness. The data is overwhelming as it links systemic health to a variety of dental conditions, including periodontal disease, caries, and oral cancer. Million Dollar PPO Coaching and Consulting helps dental […]

Identafi Oral Cancer: Screening In The Treatment Room Is A Lifesaver

Every hour someone in the United States is diagnosed with oral cancer. While it used to be most commonly found in the mouths of high-risk patients — like smokers, chewing tobacco users, and heavy drinkers — we are now seeing a shift in the incidence and prevalence of this frightening disease. Younger patients, especially women […]

High Tech For High Profit In the PPO Practice

Over the last five years, my practice has doubled in revenue. In 2010, it grew 18% while other practices were struggling to break even. The practice has produced more than $1 million in each of the last five years with fewer than 28 clinical hours per week, 100% collections, and less than 60% overhead. It […]

Everything Is Marketing

As a dental practice management consultant — and CEO of Million Dollar PPO Coaching and Consulting — I’m regularly asked about marketing. “Do you do marketing,” they ask. I almost always answer their questions the same way: “Everything that I do is marketing!” I typically follow my answer up with a discussion about advertising. Often […]

Dress For The Weather, Not For The Season

I’m often asked about the “summer slowdown.” “Do you take off in the summer when everyone goes on vacation?” “Do you force your team to take off as well?” My answer is always the same: What summer slowdown? In the 15 years that I have been practicing, I have no data to support the idea […]