The Total Health approach to the practice of dentistry has gained significant momentum over the last few years as we focus on prevention and wellness. The data is overwhelming as it links systemic health to a variety of dental conditions, including periodontal disease, caries, and oral cancer.

Million Dollar PPO Coaching and Consulting helps dental practices maximize profitability through efficiency. As offices improve their productivity, they are more easily able to take advantage of the opportunities that arise during normal business hours.

Many of the offices that we work with are concerned with “selling dentistry.” The ability to close cases and improve the likelihood of a patient accepting treatment can dramatically improve a practice’s bottom line. In order to be able to do dentistry, you have to be able to effectively present treatment.

We teach case presentation in three distinct steps: problem, consequence, and solution. In order to move patients from diagnosis through case acceptance, a dentist must identify the problem, discuss the consequences of not treating the problem, and offer solutions to the problem in order for the patient to avoid unnecessary consequences.

The Total Health approach helps to reinforce the “consequences” aspect of case presentation. Most dentists focus on obvious issues related to dental disease, like pain, infection, tooth loss, and cosmetics. The Total Health approach adds a new dimension to this discussion — overall health and wellness.

“Mrs. Jones, we have completed your full set of digital X-rays, and measured your periodontal pockets. Our findings indicate that you have periodontal disease — infection and inflammation in the supporting structures surrounding your teeth. Not only can this condition lead to pain, infection, and tooth loss, current research shows strong links between periodontal disease and heart disease, diabetes, and difficulties in pregnancy.We suggest a comprehensive periodontal therapy program to treat your disease, increase the longevity of your teeth, and improve your overall wellness.”

In the above example, we were able to focus on the problem, its consequences, and the solutions, but we also reinforced the link between dental health and systemic health. In doing so, we continue to increase case acceptance and provide the highest level of care through the Oral Health/Systemic Link.

Dr. Matthew Krieger is CEO and founder of Million Dollar PPO, a dental practice consulting and coaching company serving dentists across the United States. Its core philosophy is increasing profitability through increasing efficiency. It works with its clients through various programs to ensure that they have the understanding and the tools to create the practice that they’ve always dreamed of.