Dress For The Weather, Not For The Season

I’m often asked about the “summer slowdown.” “Do you take off in the summer when everyone goes on vacation?” “Do you force your team to take off as well?” My answer is always the same: What summer slowdown? In the 15 years that I have been practicing, I have no data to support the idea […]


At Million Dollar PPO Coaching and Consulting we evaluate efficiency and profitability based on five critical factors. They are Clinical Skills, Team/Leadership, Systems, Technology, and New Patient Acquisition/Retention. We refer to them as “The Five Factors Effecting Efficiency.” Dentrix, in conjunction with Henry Schein Practice Solutions (HSPS) is a powerful ally in improving all of […]

Communication From ’Front’ To ’Back’

I’ve heard the yelling from treatment room to the front desk, and I’ve witnessed nasty exchanges between doctor/hygienist/assistant and treatment care coordinator. Communication can be stressful and challenging — and can significantly reduce efficiency and quality. When we work with clients at Million Dollar PPO Coaching and Consulting, we spend a lot of time quietly observing how members of […]

CAD/CAM: The Perfect Parachute For The Economic Cliff

As the business of dentistry continues to change in response to the anemic growth of the U.S. economy, the need for technology becomes more and more obvious. Dental practices throughout the country are experiencing rising costs due to changes in healthcare, taxes, and more expensive materials. At the same time, many practices are seeing their fees, as well […]

CAD/CAM and Coding: Tips To Maximize Payment and Minimize Problems!

Million Dollar PPO Coaching and Consulting helps offices achieve both administrative and clinical efficiency in order to maximize profitability in the modern era of PPO practice. Technology alone cannot create efficiency. However, when different levels of technology are combined with sound systems and solid teamwork, a practice can move beyond the basics to a level […]