At Million Dollar PPO Coaching and Consulting we evaluate efficiency and profitability based on five critical factors. They are Clinical Skills, Team/Leadership, Systems, Technology, and New Patient Acquisition/Retention. We refer to them as “The Five Factors Effecting Efficiency.”

Dentrix, in conjunction with Henry Schein Practice Solutions (HSPS) is a powerful ally in improving all of these elements, and with the proper training and support can help any office maximize their “Five Factors.”

While clinical skills develop predominantly through dental education and training, Dentrix offers support in allowing more efficient use of those skills in the treatment room. It enhances the accuracy and simplicity of data collection and treatment planning through chair side charting. It allows a diagnosis to be easily translated into a charted condition, and from a condition into a treatment recommendation. Data collection, from clinicians or clinical team members such as hygienists or assistants is easy to accomplish with Dentrix charting. This information provides the foundation for the creation of treatment plans; financial arrangements and a solid re-care system.

Great dental practices all share at least one common attribute, great teams! At the very core of an efficient, well-balanced team is communication. Dentrix allows for seamless integration of the administrative areas of a practice and the clinical areas of a practice. If your administrative team enters information properly, your clinical team has, at their fingertips comprehensive information pertaining to a patient’s family, medical, dental and insurance history. This information, combined with accurate clinical data allows for efficient conversion of a new patient from case presentation to case acceptance.

Once your clinical team has collected their data, and created their treatment plan, Dentrix allows for efficient communication from the clinical areas back to the administrative areas. This give and take creates harmony and flow within a dental practice, and reduces the confusion that often occurs as patients move from treatment areas to checkout.

Routing slips, posting treatment to the ledger, and walking a patients out chair-side free up the front desk to focus on other, more valuable tasks like new patient phone calls. This cooperative effort has a tremendous impact on profitability.

Systems are critical to efficiency and success. The effortless flow of information throughout a practice is key to operational efficacy. Dentrix is a key component to this communication.

From Check-in through data collection, treatment planning, financial arrangements, collection, and insurance submission, Dentrix allows for seamless integration and communication. Combining HSPS e services and digital image technology (Dexis) allows for immediate claim submission, including effective communication of treatment related data to insurance companies. With the stroke of just a few keys, any well-trained team member (“front” or “back”) can submit an accurate claim with a narrative, digital radiographs, digital photographs and periodontal charting.

Technology improves efficiency. It elevates a practice from good to great, and provides the means for constant innovation and automation. In order to maximize the capabilities of your technology, you must have a versatile, expandable office management platform. Dentrix offers the most versatility, and allows for the most comprehensive management of your digital technology. It is the ultimate tool in integrating the administrative and clinical aspects of your practice. Dexis and Demand force are just a few of the technologies that you can manage and incorporate into Dentrix.

New patients are attracted to clean, modern, “high-tech” dental practices. One of the
least expensive, and most efficient ways to market your office is to create a well-organized, systemized, stress free practice that creates the feeling of confidence in
your patients. Having great office management software, and using all of its capabilities creates flow, and improved workplace moral. This feeling spills over into how your patients “feel” when they are in your practice. Patients like to feel good, and when they do, are more likely to want to share that feeling with friends and family members. Simply by being efficient, you improve the amount of new patients that you acquire, and retain these new patients longer.

Million Dollar PPO Coaching and Consulting emphasizes “The Five Factors” and has found that Dentrix can affect, and improve all of them in any practice.