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Teaming up with Million Dollar PPO is without a doubt the best decision I have made since starting my practice.   I have worked with other consultants/coaches and thus far none have been able to jump start myself and team in such a positive way like MDPPO.   In the first onsite workshop with them, we accomplished more than all the others in the past. Specifically, Valerie quickly helped me realize what I really wanted to achieve, both in my business and personal life, and to believe that it is possible.  In such a short time Valerie has helped me to gain the leadership skills and improved my ability to empower, develop and challenge my team.  I can’t thank you enough, Valerie, for restoring my pride and confidence in not only myself but also my team as we move forward to achieve our goals.  Dr. Christopher Tiffin, Washington, MI


MDPPO has been a wonderful program to be a part of. Being in charge of tracking all the statistics has been very eye-opening and educational. I have felt the difference in how we all interact with one another. In the beginning we were a very broken team with animosity and hard feelings. We also let our patients dictate the schedule and financial arrangements. While every system was not utilized to it’s full potential by our office, the basic principles are there and in effect every day. Thanks to Theresa and MDPPO, the staff has regained control, we have open communication with eachother, and feel the support from the Doctors on decisions. I have learned how to read the numbers to effectively lead and increase production. The team is in better spirits with more confidence and a better understanding of each other and what is expected as a company. Thank you to Theresa for your constant teachings and support! -Amy – Office Manager, Phoenix, AZ


As a recent grad from dental school and a new associate in the practice, I was concerned because I had heard horror stories of associates joining inefficient practices that weren’t bringing in enough new patients or money. That has not been my experience due in most part to our working with MDPPO. They have helped our office put policies into place that maximize efficiency and increase new patient flow. I am thankful for the insight and suggestions from our coach and look forward to the continued growth of our practice. – Dr. Lauren Wallace, Associate, Decatur, AL


Implementing the deposit for treatment was a huge success for our office. This has really helped with broken appointments and patients “owning” why they are returning to the practice. The patients have been really receptive to the deposit and I am very glad I was willing to accept asking for deposits and not let the patients intimidate me into not asking. Thank you Maribeth for everything! I appreciate the relationship that we have. You’re very special to me and I hope we will continue to stay in touch. Our conversations mean more to me than you will ever know. Thanks for all your encouragement. – Emily – Madison, RDH, Madison, AL


I don’t really know where to begin, so I’ll start off with this…THANK YOU!! Your leadership and systems have truly brought back to me the love of dentistry. I think back at when I was a young boy watching my dad walk the hallways of his dental office in his white coat. I knew that one day I wanted to be just like him and make a difference. The last 9 years have been extremely challenging and emotionally tough, but today I can say that with your help I am walking down the halls with a big smile and confidence that I have always tried to find in my practice! My staff have embraced what we have done and they are more proactive than I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Here’s to the next six months and our long relationship I will always cherish. – Dr. Jason P White, Lubbock, TX


Above all, this program opened up my mind to what is possible. It was then up to me, with the help of my coach and my team, to customize the systems put in place. It is not a one-size-fits all plan, but rather a set of ideas and principles that empowered me to think differently and approach my practice with a new outlook. Thank you MDPPO!! – Dr. Matthew Hubis, Midland, NC


My experience with MDPPO has been great. As a “green” hygienist, only having been practicing for two and a half years, I have been honored to be recognized for my hard work. I took on a position as a first time hygienist where the perio department was under-served. Under the guidance and trust of Dr. Hubis our perio is booming! No more super prophies, having to wear wrist isolaters and worrying that patients perio is not being addresses. I will continue to use the advice and information I learned from this program for the rest of my career. – Kaitlin, RDH, Midland, NC


I enjoyed my time with MDPPO. It was eye opening and well worth it! – Dr. Koultourides, Munster, IN


Prior to starting the Maximizer program, our practice was in a transitional period and was suffering from lack of direction and leadership. The Maximizer program reduced these issues by creating new comprehensive systems and policies for the practice. At the same time, we implemented new practice management software and digital x-rays. Along with all the new changes, the MDPPO Program succeeded in motivating the office team members into working together toward the common goal of “working smarter not harder.” The wonderful end result was a coherent capable team with increased revenue and decreased stress.  -Aaron Cassisi – Dentist, Sarver, PA


I feel MDPPO was a good investment for the office. I am happy with the office running more efficiently. Lisa was always available to answer questions we had. Working as a team was great. I am also happy to be given more time with our hygiene patients. I believe the patients feel we are not just rushing them in and out. I feel I have become a better hygienist because of it. I have been through programs before at other offices I have worked at and your program was the first I have used to its full potential. – Tammy Sarver – RDH, Sarver, PA


I feel overall this was a great and much needed process for our office. We definitely needed more “structure” in order to move forward. I have enjoyed working with Lisa and being able to always bounce questions and concerns off of her. Great Experience!  – Kathy Goldscheitter – Front Desk, Sarver, PA


I have been in dentistry for 30+ years so I have seen a lot. I felt the program gave me an extra boost to push me to the next level of patient care. All in all it has been a big boost for our office. I feel this “old dog” is till learning new tricks! – Donna Chirsty – Dental Hygienist, Sarver, PA


I feel that MDPPO coaching helped us work better as a team. It showed us we have a focus to shoot for each day. When we make goal everyone is happy. Team work has really improved. Communication between the team and the doctors has improved and we know what they want now. Thanks for helping our office get organized and for putting us on the right track. – Becky Jauski – DA, Sarver, PA


I am really pleased with MDPPO. Lisa has really helped us all pull together as a team. She showed us how to make the necessary changes to run more efficiently. Because of those changes, we have all reaped the benefits of it. It was hard at times, but it was well worth it. Thank you for all that you have done to save the practice. – Lindsay Oresick – EFDA, Sarver, PA


Thank you for helping our office get organized. We came to truly appreciate how much we enjoy working with each other and our patients. This program has opened doors of communication in areas where we needed to get on the same page! – Sue – Assistant, Platte City, MO


I have learned so much with MDPPO starting with something as small as greeting patients with a smile when talking on the phone to creating clear and effective financial arrangements with our patients. I also struggled in the beginning in letting go of some of my responsibilities that I do every day and letting others take on some of those things. The conversion was stressful in the beginning but things are great. Thanks to MDPPO, we now have some great tools to use everyday to make our practice grow and be better! – Shelley Kincaid – Business Manager, Platte City, MO


I am very pleased how well the office works together as a team. I enjoy how detailed we were with each patient. I feel very comfortable discussing treatment plans with patients. We had to go through many changes and learning curves but we are now better for it at the end. I love our team and I enjoy learning and growing with them. – Nikki – RDH, Platte City, MO


MDPPO helped our office with our communication and organization. We are so much more productive due to these changes and a happier office. – Annie – RDA, Platte City, MO


Million Dollar PPO has truly helped our practice focus on all our strengths as a dental team as well as our weaknesses and Vicki has been helpful providing us with the proper tools to turn these weaknesses into strengths. Thank you! – Katie – RDH, Platte City, MO


I have worked in the dental field now and I’ve heard many of the “sales pitch” lectures pertaining to improving business growth; all of which, up until now, I considered to be scams that were a waste of time and money. However, I love MDPPO! I will admit that I was hesitant in the beginning. I did try to keep an open mind and listen to the strategic ways to improve our business despite my doubts. Much to my surprise, this program helped our office grow as a team and also helped me grow on a personal level as well. I have been able to achieve goals that seemed questionable and at times almost impossible. Tatianna has been a great inspiration to all of us here. We have learned to believe in ourselves and work together to form the strongest team possible. Our commitment to succeed allows us to provide a higher quality of care and education to our patients. We will continue to improve by following the guidelines set by MDPPO. – Beth – Office Manager, Clifton, NJ


Lisa was a great consultant! She was always ready and able to call or text our office back with answers to any answers to questions we had. MDPPO was a great experience for our office. We learned how to work smarter not harder! – Heather – Dental Assistant, Munhall, PA


Over the past year the practice has grown in so many ways. Previous to consulting with MDPPO, policies and the way the office ran never seemed to make sense or be efficient. It’s wonderful to see the positive change and structure that we now have. We have always worked well together as a team and I am excited to see us continue to grow. Lisa was great to work with and made the transition smooth. – Anne – Hygenist, Munhall, PA


A year ago, I never would have thought that our office would be in the position that we are in today. We have always worked well together and tried to have fun when we could but we were all extremely stressed out and feeling overworked. We were definitely working harder and not smarter. With the help of Lisa, she has helped with the transition of our practice. We are producing and collecting more than we have in all of the years prior, but we are no longer stressed. Overall there is more communication and an understanding with everyone on how to make the office run more efficiently. I am very proud of the work the office has done in the past year to make the office better for not just the staff but for the patients as well. – Lauren – Hygenist, Munhall, PA


I am a newcomer, starting with this practice more than halfway through the transition of new policies and goals. From hearing how my co-workers talk of where this practice started and to where it is ending, it is unbelievable the amount of change that has occurred. Coming into this practice and joining this team I have learned a few new things as well. I am looking forward to continuing our daily/monthly goals, working with everyone to strive for a great working environment, a good environment for our patients and helping build this practice to its absolute full potential. – Kristen – Dental Assistant, Munhall, PA


Prior to the MDPPO program our office work environment was very stressful and relatively non-productive. Our collection policies were not clearly defined, our team did not communicate well and we were not goal oriented. These were just a few shortcomings that kept us from working more efficiently and achieving a low stress and productive practice. After spending, one year with the MDPPO program we are much more productive and now have clearly defined policies and systems in place to ensure/improve office communication, collection increase and much less stressful office. Over the last 12 months we stayed focused on our goals, which helps us provide our patients with a better environment, a better dental team, and better dentistry. It was an excellent investment and would recommend it to any dentist who is interested in decreasing stress for his or her employees, increasing office revenue and improving patient care. Everyone is happier; Doctor, employees and most importantly the patients! – Dr. D’Alesio – Dentist, Munhill, PA


Throughout this program I have gained so much knowledge and experience. I have gained new skills and took on new tasks that I doubted myself on. The systems that were given to us, we used to help our practice grow and to create a well organized office. We created a vision of ourselves and we will continue to grow and update. In the beginning we were not “one” as a whole but at the end of this program we are one, and we can say we completed our vision. – Alexis – Assistant, Staten Island, NY


This past year, this office and I have learned so much which made us as successful as we are. The best change was definitely working together and to do all different jobs in the office. Starting this project a year ago I had my doubts, but this was the best thing Dr. Phil has done for himself and his employees. – Samantha – Assistant, Staten Island, NY


The past year has brought our practice to a new level. The financial policy, that I thought would be the hardest part to implement with our patients, actually ended up being the easiest and most beneficial. Knowing what growth we wanted and planning our days around our goals was simplified. We were able to surpass our goals. Our daily meetings and strategy kept us on track. Thank you so much! – Diana – Manager, Staten Island, NY


I have been a dental assistant for 16 years. In that time I have been a part of many offices and teams. I have been with Dr. Squatrito for 6 years. Through this coaching program I have learned a great deal of organization skills, I’ve learned how to communicate on a greater level with patients and I have learned how to respect my job on a whole new level. I have seen this practice grow and mature tremendously. I’m very proud to be a part of this team of hard workers. Working with this team of women and Dr. Squatritio, I have learned what it really takes to run an office and how to be a real team player. – Carolyn – Assistant, Staten Island, NY


I learned a lot from the coaching sessions. We are a more cohesive team and the earning potential has increased tremendously, which is hasn’t in the last 7.5 years. I feel energized and appreciated by my bosses and staff I work with. – Angela – RDH, Derry NH


I’ve learned a lot and was introduced to new ideas I never would have learned before starting this program. Tatianna did an awesome job explaining the “do’s and don’ts” and I would recommend her and the whole MDPPO team to anyone who is looking to expand and better their office. – Diana – Office Manager, Derry, NH


The program is very informative. It provided techniques for building a great team. – Bobbi – Front Desk, Derry, NH


I am excited to be with this dental team as they continue to strive and grow using the information that we’ve learned from you. We have made many positive changes! And many more to come! – Lindsey – Dental Assistant, Derry, NH


This was a great program! I have learned so much over the pat year. I always worry about learning new things but being given permission to not do things perfectly the first time helps. Cross training is great. – Kris – Assistant, Derry, NH


I was very worried when we first started this program. I was a new employee and wasn’t sure of what to expect. However, I have very much enjoyed working with Lisa over the past year. When Lisa came to the office we always had fun and enjoyed our visit. All in all it was a very enjoyable experience. Thank you for everything you have done! – Lisa Compton – EDDA, Brandenburg, KY


I feel we have overcome many challenges this past year. I really wanted to change the collection practices of the office and I believe that has changed for the better. We are collecting a lot more than we used to. I have completely enjoyed our time with Lisa and MDPPO. We started not so much as a team and have ended completely different. The ideas we implemented have already shown to be valuable. Our office is now the best in town! – Donna Argabright – Front Desk Brandenburg, KY


You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I have been in the dental industry for 40 years and the initial changes recommended were shocking. I thought “this isn’t going to work…the accountant is going to kill us”. The incorporation of fee schedules for the PPO plans, computers in the operatories, and digital radiography have made a positive impact on our practice. Each person understands the total concept of treatment, production and collection, working together to achieve our goal. This year has flown by! – Erin – Office Manager Brandenburg, KY


When we first started this I was very unsure of how or why. After our first meeting I felt very good about making changes in this office. The whole year has been nothing but good changes. Our team gets along better than any place I have every worked. I feel like we will make it and get better every year. The biggest problem I think was collections which is much, much, better now. I think everybody here is trying hard to make this practice a success! – No Name – Brandenburg, KY


 The MDPPO Program has helped our practice grow more efficient in many ways.

One thing I am so excited to see is the confidence Dr. Matt has begun to show. He is much more direct with patients without having lost his inherent compassion and desire to help. I’ve worked in four other practices over the past 17 years. This is the only one that has that balance of compassion and financial stability. It has been an interesting process. – Ginny Clark – RDH, Topeka, KS


MDPPO has definitely moved our office forward and has improved production tremendously. The most advantageous contribution to our office has been for our patients. The continuity of patient care and efficiency has allowed us to keep our established patients on track with their dental health and help more people with their immediate needs. It has also made our team stronger and really come together for the well being and best interest of everyone. We all have a greater appreciation of each others role in the practice and how everyone plays an important part to make the practice run smoothly. In closing: WE ARE AWESOME! – Laurie Chapman – DA, Topeka, KS


In working with MDPPO, the greatest change I have seen and enjoyed has been our treatment presentation and collections. The peace of mind that comes with having treatment paid for by the time “services are rendered” has been great! That is probably the best of the changes that has come in my opinion. – Jessica P – Office Employee, Topeka, KS


I have not been working for Dr. Garrett for long – just 2 months – but I have already learned so much from her and the systems MDPPO set in place. As Office Manager and the only member of the team as “front desk” – the lesser amount of work that is thrown at me from every direction is a definite breath of fresh air. I am able to start and complete tasks in a timely fashion, which was almost unheard of in my prior office I came from. Having the whole team be cross-trained is fantastic. We all help each other out, and it’s never a question of stepping on anyone’s toes. I am able to go home after work and am able to enjoy time with my family and be able to relax. – Lauren – Office Manager, Germantown, TN


This program has tuned me into the office and I am a lot more in the know. It gave me insight into the practice as a whole with cross-training. Morning huddles helped prepare us for the day. Blueprint systems helped me communicate better with new and existing patients. Procedures for the patient visit help guide the procedures and discussions. I have only been with the practice a month, but everything I have learned here in that time has helped me tremendously. Compared to the past offices, this team works more efficiently in all work areas. I really enjoy working I this structured environment. – Kayla Johnson – RDH, Germantown, TN


The MDPPO Program has impacted me immensely. When I first joined the practice I was purely a hygienist and only dealt with clinical aspects of hygiene. I now consider myself a huge asset to the practice. I have learned how to comfortably and effectively present treatment and do other office tasks. I am now the person that patients solely deal with from the moment they walk into the office to the moment the leave. Being able to work all the aspects of the office builds a trust with patients. The fact that I see them regularly and help diagnose tends to make them more comfortable when treatment is presented and finances are being discussed. I now hold several skills that will only tremendously help me in the future. I am not just a dental hygienist. I am an asset to this practice. – Katie – Hygienist, Germantown, TN


The process has helped me to be able to do a lot more in the office and help in other ways possible. Everyone is able to help each other in every way possible. Because we can help and want to help in every way, the atmosphere is wonderful. – No Name, Germantown, TN


I started with Dr. Hebert as a Dental Assistant in 2012. There was a lot of down time, nothing to do, not enough production. Since MDPPO I am absolutely busy and I love it. Dr. Hebert is letting me do much more DA duties and that takes a lot off of her plate. We consistently hit our bonus and it’s great! We have a great team and a great boss. I strongly believe that every office and not just Dental Offices should experience MDPPO. Sometimes it takes a little push in coming to realize the wrongs and the rights. Thank you MDPPO – you are amazing! – Kathy – Dental Assistant, Bellaire, TX


I started in May/June 2013 around the same time as MDPPO and the change I have seen has been tremendous. We are more motivated, dedicated and energized. In the past, during down time staff would hang out in the staff lounge eating and playing on our phones. I remember the day Dr. Hebert said no phones and after a few weeks resistance we really started putting more effort into our work. I honestly feel we as a whole are covering every aspect of patient care. I have not once in the past year felt that treatment and/or patient care has fallen through the cracks! I feel we are more of a team and our heads are in the same place. – Mallory – RDH, Bellaire, TX


MDPPO has brought everyone on the team onto the same page in the office. It is nice to know that when someone has time or an available appointment that there will be help for other team members or task will get completed. It puts your mind that if you are out or miss something that your other teams members know what needs to be done and will take care of it. Its great knowing when you come to work that everyone is thinking alike and everyone has the same goal of patient care in mind. It has really made a mark watching our office transform into a smooth functioning office. – Stacy – Office Manager, Bellaire, TX


MDPPO has impacted me as a team member and personally by my communication skills, organization and being able to enforce policies. I am able to create urgency with patients now and know exactly what to say with confidence in my voice thanks to MDPPO. Finding the right words has been a struggle for me in the past but I feel I have come a long way. I am able to handle situations without running to Dr. Howard for advice. Communication amongst our team has improved as well. MDPPO helped us girls get everything on the table. Being able to have calm discussions with Vicky before everything boiled over really helped build us to be a stronger team and build efficiency. Organization is a must for Dr. Howard and as a team member I am trying to help out in that area. It’s not my strongest asset. Enforcing policies with patients was one of our weaknesses in the past. With coaching, we are better at communicating policies and being consistent. Not only within the office but I have learned to enforce policies at home with my new additions! – Michelle – Assistant, Paola, TX


MDPPO has been great. Vicky has shown me how to be a leader and has helped me to understand you can’t do it all sometimes and its ok to ask for help! Coaching has mostly helped us as a team be able to talk to one another or as a group and mostly shown us how to go about things in different ways. The changes never end! Vicky has shown me ways to better myself as an employee. I am always looking for ways to improve or become a better employee. Overall it has helped me realize that an office is not made up of one person nor is it held together by one person, it’s all done together as a team. – Ashlie Browning, OM, Paola, TX


This program has helped me by helping me recognize my strengths and weaknesses both in my professional and personal life. With these things being brought to my attention I feel that it only betters my abilities and myself as a person. I appreciate your time and the services that you have provided. Thank you! – Andrea – RDH, The Woodlands, TX


MDPPO has helped me recognize more ways to increase production and to utilize my time better. Before MDPPO, our recare system was not consistent and now we are getting it under control. Adding a bonus system has really changed the way we work. People are holding each other more accountable for their work ethics. Because we have a goal that the team is working for we work better on improving the practice. – Laura – RDH, The Woodlands, TX


MDPPO has helped me be a lot more confident in many of my duties. I can present a treatment plan with no problem and I am more organized. It has especially made the team stronger by implementing new ideas. It helped make our doctor a better leader. – Nairovi – RDA, The Woodlands, TX


You brought great ideas and really helped improve our practice in all aspects. To sum all this up, I’d like to say that you have truly done an amazing job. Thank you for all your awesomeness! – Jose – RDA, The Woodlands, TX


MDPPO has been very helpful in keeping an eye on the health of our practice. MDPPO provided us with very useful systems and ideas, which we were able to implement immediately. Making bonus has been a big plus too! – Jaime – RDA, The Woodlands, TX


I am so grateful that you came in. This last year has been way less stressful. It has been nice having a voice that holds the doctors and team accountable. I love the ideas you have brought and implementing them has helped our practice tremendously. – Alton – RDH, The Woodlands, TX


MDPPO has helped me in being more organized. We are very happy with the change and really love Vicky. I feel more confident in doing all the new tasks! – Alisha, Texarkana, TX


MDPPO has helped me in the office and at home with organization in a big way. I have become more confident in myself because of the struggles and obstacles I have overcome with the systems. We absolutely love Vicky and she has helped us in so many ways. I have also seen a positive change in each team member and both doctors. – Olivia – Financial/Insurance Coordinator, Texarkana, TX


MDPPO has made out office more organized and helped with our everyday flow. They have showed our staff and me different and more efficient ways of handling things. I truly believe MDPPO has improved the office as a whole. Thank you! – Bre – RDA, Texarkana, TX


MDPPO has made a positive impact on our office. We have become more organized and efficient. It has taken our office to the next level. Our coach is always available to answer any questions we might have. We have grown as an office and as a team. – Brittany – Hygienist, Texarkana, TX


MDPPO helped transform our office from an office that struggled to pay the bills to an office that is consistently hitting goals we did not think were possible. The first day Tatianna came to our office she saw our potential and set a goal for us that I believed was a pipe dream. We have a good staff and loyal patient base established, it just took implementing MDPPO policies to see a difference. In our first year the collections increased 25%. This enabled us to hire more staff and drive the collections even higher. I waited years to hire a consultant because I thought I could do it myself. I was wrong. Thanks to Tatianna and MDPPO our office has hit new heights. – Nocerino, Fairfield, CT


Since implementing in our office the “morning huddle” we have seen amazing improvement in our workflow, efficiency and profitability. There is a real feeling of people working together as a team to achieve goals and to provide the best service possible for our patients. – Teresa – Dental Assistant, Fairfield, CT


After 11 years in practice with excessive staff turnover and no income improvement, I was ready to sell. When I found MDPPO, I thought I would give it one last try. During the past year I have seen my income increase significantly. I am now able to invest in better equipment, reward my team more generously and live a freer lifestyle. We have many hurdles still to overcome but I now feel confident that we can achieve the goals we have set for ourselves and move forward with a sense of pride and accomplishment. – Dr. Ross Pineo, Edinboro, PA


I felt it was a good thing to know the numbers and to have a goal. If you don’t have a destination in mind you will never get there. Having systems in place helps us to reach those goals. I feel the treatment plans have really helped us be successful. – Dori – Hygienist – Office Manager, Edinboro, PA


The office was very unorganized. Production and collections were low due to a lot of patients fail to show appointments. Goals were to increase production and having patients commit to treatment and also build morale. I was concerned about patients not accepting the change. I overcame it, knowing it needed to be done and it just got easier day by day. We are making more money. Our office has pulled together and works as a team. MDPPO has lived up to our expectations. It was a little pricey but it worked! – Bernadette – Front Office, San Antonio, TX


We were unorganized. We had a lot of patients not showing up for treatment that was scheduled. We wanted to produce more efficiently and collect more. With the amount of money Dr. Riley was spending for the training, things needed to change and we needed systems and policies in place. We are more organized now and are not running around the office all crazy. We are collecting more money and making our bonus. Love it! – Shari – RDA, San Antonio, TX


Our practice has come a long way. We have been through a lot of changes as a team. MDPPO has supplied a foundation with the tools and strategies to make a practice successful. Its nice not re-inventing the wheel. Everyone is on the same page now with how to present treatment to patients. Goals are motivating. I love the structure. – Andrea – Office Manager, San Antonio, TX


Over the past year I have done things I never dreamed I could do. I was overwhelmed by all the new responsibilities that were given to me, but through Andrea’s patience and coaching it became something I could achieve. My goals at first were to survive the day and stay on schedule but now that I’ve become better at treatment planning and the office is more organized so that goal is easily met. Now my goal is to make bonus, which we have! The day runs smoothly and everyone works together to achieve the same goal. I am proud to be able to do so much in the office. Patients are impressed that I do so much during their appointments. It’s like going to OZ! – Chandra – Hygienist, San Antonio, TX


It’s been an amazing experience being a part of this program. Every time Tatianna has come in it has been a learning experience. We as a team can openly discussed areas that need improvement. – Jenny – RDH, Harlem, NY


MDPPO is a great program that any and all dental offices can benefit from if they want to be successful and be the best office they can be. – Latesha – Hygienist, Harlem, NY


When we began the program I was operating as an associate to my parents who founded the business 30 years ago. For several years, my parents pushed me to become more involved in the business side of the practice. I became comfortable doing dentistry without having to manage or worry about the bottom line. After my parents saw Dr. K, they pushed me to attend his seminar with my staff. I appreciated the seminar but was hesitant to get on board. It only took two sessions to completely change my mind about the program. It gave me a baseline amount of knowledge to help me transition from oblivious associate to a managing practice owner. I am very excited to continue learning and become a better dentist and employer. Overall I think my parents benefited the most from the program. They finally got to retire! – LJ Adam – Dentist, Worthington, PA


Our office did very well compared to previous years. The program definitely had a lot of very good policies to start implementing. It helped us get computers for each room and digital x-rays. It also taught us how to treat perio and stress the importance of care. I feel we have an excellent tem and hope to continue implementing these policies. – Angie – Front Desk, Worthington, PA


This year has been a success. We really progressed on everything we strive to do the best that we can. I believe we make a great team. We hasdan awesome year. Thank you for all your help in getting us where we are today. – Catie – Dental Assistant, Worthington, PA


I came to this office in April more in the middle of the program. I feel all my questions were answered quickly. You provided lots of help with perio questions. I feel the program helped office become accountable for all actions and keep our goals. – Shannon – RDH, Worthington, PA


Happy with the results and more time to spend with patients to do what needs to be done. I am all about the patient and their experience. Our team works well together now. Thanks for the help! – Cheryl – RDH, Worthington, PA


Pleased that the office is moving in a positive direction. It is wonderful to be a part of a successful year. We all think the world of LJ and will continue to strive to maintain the progress in a good light. Specifically speaking, I see the most improvement in collections. We have the confidence with the APL in place to professionally and confidently expect pre-payment from our patients. No one likes asking for money but this makes that task easier. We appreciate the help from Lisa in utilizing better narratives that are more effective. – Wendy – Office, Worthington, PA

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