Revenues down? Ready to increase your insurance reimbursements?

Many practices are unaware that this is even an option! For those that have attempted, they often find themselves hitting a brick wall. The fact of the matter is that it is possible to successfully negotiate but it requires data and skills that a dentist or team member rarely possesses. Generally speaking, negotiations can only occur every two years. What is important to understand however, is that a failed negotiation is still a negotiation – which is tremendous risk! Insurance fee negotiations is something that should be left to professionals to handle for you. Our fee negotiation services are handled through a strategic partnership with Unitas Dental.

Services Include:

  1. Development of an office fee strategy.
  2. Insurance fee schedule negotiation.
  3. Optimization services (to ensure maximum revenue for patients that may be seen under various insurance plans).
  4. Analysis of plans in your market to help you determine which plans to participate with.
  5. Credentialing.


Millions of patients have insurance companies “negotiating” on their behalf. Who’s negotiating for you?

To learn more about PPO Fee Negotiation Services through Unitas Dental, please click here.