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Million Dollar PPO Coaching and Consulting presents: High Profit PPO Practice

Fee for service may still be considered by many as the gold standard in private practice, but more and more dentists are faced with a stark reality. Fee-for-service is dying. The funeral is planned, and we are all going to be guests. The world has changed, the economy has changed, consumers have changed and insurance has changed. Unfortunately, many dentists have not!

However, the news is not all doom and gloom.  There is alight at the end of PPO participation. That light can only shine through embracing the changes that have already taken place, and employing new strategies for practicing efficient, high quality, high-tech dentistry.

This lecture is ideal for dentists and their teams! Attendees will learn:

    • The most critical statistic that most practices don’t track
    • Why fees only matter for fee-for-service dentists and why tapping into that market may be a really bad idea
    • Are you already a PPO practice and you just don’t know it?
    • Why some hospitals charge $35 for Tylenol and how it affects you
    • Why not having a coach is costing you $234,000
    • What symptoms should you be looking for to drive your decision to participate?
    • Corporate dentistry: what we know and how we can protect ourselves
    • How to reduce your overhead by 10% without cutting costs
    • Where is the bottleneck in your practice
    • Volume vs. capacity: which is more important
    • The least expensive way to market
    • Can you negotiate your PPO fees?
    • How to turn $100 into $120,000 in profit
    • Why “the customer isn’t always right”
    • Knowledge vs. Implementation vs. Accountability: what you need to know

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Sacramento, CA
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Boston, MA
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Tunica, MS
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Omaha, NE
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Des Moines, IA
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